Looking for a fun, short, family friendly hike near Page? Have a couple of hours to kill? This may be your ticket. Stateline Canyon is not particularly remarkable, but is a nice hike, and offers some moderately interesting narrows. Not recommended in the summer heat, but good pretty much any other time of the year.

Nov 11, 2012. Photos from Water Holes Canyon near Page, Arizona.

The shortest hike to the Wave begins at the Wire Pass Trailhead, about 8.3 miles (13.4 km) south of U.S. Route 89 along House Rock Valley Road, a dirt road about 35.4 miles (57.0 km) west of Page, Arizona or 38.6 miles (62.1 km) east of Kanab, Utah that is accessible to most vehicles in good weather. During and after a.

Feb 20, 2018. Drive through Zion National Park and stop for a short hike. Continue to Page, Arizona and get settled into the hotel. DAY TWO. Longer hike in Grand Staircase Escalante. Drive to the overlook at Lake Powell. Horseshoe Bend. DAY THREE. Lower Antelope Canyon. Head back to Vegas to meet my friend for.

which is staging a hot-air balloon festival with Lake Powell as the backdrop. The region’s varied outdoor activities,

While hiking through a canyon in Lake Powell between Utah and Arizona in late 2016. is actually a measure of last resort for these birds. In an email with National Geographic, Geoff LeBaron, the Christmas bird count director at the.

But is it really that easy? Read on before you lace up your hiking shoes. According to TripAdvisor.com, the #1 thing to do in the Page Arizona area is Horseshoe Bend. Not hard to see why. It's free, how great can that be, and it's considered to be one of the Lake Powell Arizona area's easier hikes – or is it? You should.

May 3, 2016. Horseshoe Bend is one of my favorite overlooks in the U.S. Horseshoe Bend is along the Colorado River, and is only 3 miles south of Page, Arizona along Highway 89, 5 miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam, and requires a 3/4 mile walk to the overlook. The 1,000 ft drop to the bottom offers.

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton St. George in Utah: The weather and scenery make St. George a popular spot for biking, golfing, bird-watching, hiking, rock climbing.

The runoff of 2017 is over and officials expect Lake Powell to rise to 65 percent full, but that relatively high level won’t last long as the inflow into the reservoir will be sent downstream to Lake Mead and Mexico. In all, Lake Powell is to.

The unique geology and stunning landscapes of Lake Powell are best explored by foot. Join experts to hike and learn about this region, discovering what's so hot about the high desert.

In addition, Las Vegas is within a reasonable driving distance to The Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Bryce and Zion national parks. There’s also great hiking.

Feb 18, 2016. Bullfrog Marina has the highest concentration of hikes on the north end of Lake Powell, including Moqui Canyon and Crystal Springs Canyon. Views of Lake Powell from just outside of Page, Arizona. Mark Byzewski. Otherwise, the most abundant hiking options are in Knowles and Forgotten Canyons.

Welcome to City of Page, Arizona. Page Arizona cop site sm map. Page is a small town in northern Arizona located on the southern shores of magnificent Lake Powell. Our friendly community offers visitors outstanding recreation and a wide variety of lodging and services. Our location is ideal for exploring many of the.

05/13/2007 THE WAVE – PARIA CANYON – VERMILLION CLIFFS WILDERNESS UTAH/ ARIZONA Surreal and Spectacular are the sandstone rock formations that create "The Wave". Go Virtual Hike with us 7+ miles, to this amazing area that starts at the Wire Pass Trailhead in Utah – and crosses you over into Arizona on a.

hiking, rock climbing and boating. The property is also along the route to Zion.

The contours of our journey—where we camped, our hiking destinations. matched since Hoover Dam began backing up the Colorado River in 1935. In August, the Bureau of Reclamation announced that Lake Powell would release an.

hiking, rock climbing and boating. The property is also along the route to Zion National Park, Lake Powell, Snow Canyon State Park and other wonders of.

ST. GEORGE — Wind gusts of up to 50 mph are forecast to sweep through parts of south central and southeastern Utah Friday, making driving difficult and causing potentially hazardous boating conditions on Lake Powell. The National.

Oct 4, 2017. We woke up on Friday morning and did some quick mental calculations to see if it would be possible to hike The Wave on Saturday and still get my friend to the Las Vegas airport by 3pm.we slowly came to the conclusion that it would be a long day starting before dawn, but it was possible. So we started at.

Antelope Canyon tours, Upper Antelope, Lower Antelope, Canyon X, Canyon-X, Cardiac Canyon, Slot Canyon, Hiking, Photography.

May 10, 2017. 10 will have secured their permits ahead of time by online lottery; the remaining 10 hiking slots can be acquired by walk-in permit at the Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument. For example, if you were staying in Page, Arizona, Roger Ekis' Antelope Canyon Tours is licensed to go to these areas.

Horseshoe Bend is one of our guests' favorite hikes; this is a side trip that doesn't cost anything but a little effort while you're at Lake Powell in Northern Arizona. Horseshoe Bend is located about four miles south of Page, Arizona on Hwy 89, one should look out for a small brown signboard that reads "Horseshoe Bend.

hiking, rock climbing and boating. The property is also along the route to Zion National Park, Lake Powell, Snow Canyon State Park and other wonders of.

Apr 25, 2010. Lower Antelope Slot Canyon – Page, Arizona. The recent flood has left the bottom wet. Wallowing in the occasional patch of mud is part of the initiative to descend much further and deeper into the canyon. Eventually the hike proceeds into deepening standing water. Exploring solo and not knowing what is.

On Saturday April 21st, you can enter National Parks for free and that includes Glen Canyon National Recreation Area! For one week each April, we join with the.

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Apr 1, 2016. A permit is required to get to this famous site on Lake Powell, reach either by boat or hiking trail. 7. Vermilion Cliff National Monument This monument is home to the Wave at Coyote Buttes, White Pockets, and Buckskin Gulch. Permit to venture into this are available in Kanab, Utah. 8. Tower Butte Ascend to.

Chaffin became a pioneer in the tourist trade in southeastern Utah, operating a.

. and Page, Arizona area annually. The average 4-5 day length of stay is the longest of any federal park. The crystal-clear lake, slot canyons, and red Vermilion cliffs are favorite attractions for adventure seekers, photographers and filmmakers. In addition to adventure and sight-seeing, the Lake Powell area offers hiking,

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Feb 24, 2009. Updated 03.01.2017. Water Holes, Lower Antelope, Upper Antelope. Are these the names of hiking trails? No, they're Arizona slot canyons located on the Navajo Reservation near Page, Arizona. Alan and I discovered the photogenic gems while on a photo workshop. But you don't have to be a boomer.